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Thinking about setting up a SMSF ?

Need help with establishing an SMSF?

You must understand the benefits of risks of an SMSF to determine if an SMSF is right for you. We are happy to take the time to ensure you have all the information to assist you with the decision to set up an SMSF.

All SMSFs include a company as trustee (Learn Why) – to be confirmed by you . Learn why we are the quickest in the business to get your Super moving.

Your SMSF Folder will be sent by Express Post to your nominated address or same day by email.

Our SMSF set up fees are FIXED at $1,300 (including GST) including ASIC fees for the first year. Our fees do not include the SIS Levy for the first year. This is to be paid from your SMSF. Refer to https://redwoodadvisory.com.au/smsf/fees/ for more information on SMSF fees and ongoing costs

Get your super moving set up an SMSF today

“Independent research suggests that education is the key barrier in establishing a SMSF. Our SMSF specialists will walk you through the benefits and risks of establishing an SMSF and assist you in completing all of the required documentation.”