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September 2019

Tailoring Super Insurance

The consideration of insurance is super is an important decision for all members – and an important consideration of cost vs benefit. Insurance are one of those products that helps us sleep at night. By purchasing insurance, we protect ourselves and our families by averting monetary risk at times of financial loss or when if…

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ATO letter on diversification of assets

SMSFs are beneficial for so many reasons including control, choice, flexibility and a concessional tax rate. I hope your SMSF is treating you well and you’re kicking goals and that you’re partnership with Redwood is also kicking goals. However, you may have received the fright of your life with a “threatening” letter from the ATO…

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Benefits of Financial Advice

Everyone has different goals in life. But whatever your goals, getting advice from a qualified financial adviser will help you articulate your plan and can help you achieve your goals – soon. It’s not just about planning for the future either. A financial adviser can help adjust your current situation as well as preparing you and…

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SMSF – Annual Statistic Overview

It is always interesting to see far SMSF’s have come over the years. To help us, the ATO has given us insightful statistics to shed some light on SMSF’s in our current day – which has been shown below. Interesting topics worth noting are that the Majority of SMSFs (57%) have a Corporate Trustee. Furthermore,…

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Employer Contributions Tax & the ATO Supervisory Levy

Another year, another tax payable. WHY? Its extremely important to understand the key benefit of a SMSF and that is its concessional tax rate as compared to a members personal tax. Importantly its not all about a “tax refund” generally any losses are carried forward in the super environment. There will be on many occasions…

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To provide our clients with a premium service, Redwood Advisory has proudly introduced DocuSign for our clients to: view, sign and return documents; in an easy, secure and efficient way! What is DocuSign? DocuSign is an e-signature service provider that allows its customers to view and sign their documents anywhere, anytime either on their laptops…

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Binding Death Benefit Nomination

In setting up and running a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”), its important to ensure that you have the key ingredients to success including financial advice, Trust Deed and an Investment Strategy. However, what about death and incapacity, how can you take care of your loved ones? In a ‘Will,’ we outline our wishes for…

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Accessing Super Benefits

After working so hard all your life, you begin to wonder when you can access those super benefits you have been saving all these years! There are rules and regulations of when you can access your super benefits but generally when you reach the age of 65 you are able to withdraw your money with…

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