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smsf lending

ATO letter on diversification of assets

SMSFs are beneficial for so many reasons including control, choice, flexibility and a concessional tax rate. I hope your SMSF is treating you well and you’re kicking goals and that you’re partnership with Redwood is also kicking goals. However, you may have received the fright of your life with a “threatening” letter from the ATO…

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SMSF – Annual Statistic Overview

It is always interesting to see far SMSF’s have come over the years. To help us, the ATO has given us insightful statistics to shed some light on SMSF’s in our current day – which has been shown below. Interesting topics worth noting are that the Majority of SMSFs (57%) have a Corporate Trustee. Furthermore,…

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Where to for SMSF Loans

  SMSFs have enjoyed the ability to borrow to buy residential and commercial property since 2007. Its been an extremely popular strategy for mum and dad investors and “millennials” looking to increase their exposure to property with the booming property market in major capital cities. LRBAs – The stats The statistics on LRBA’s are a…

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good news for smsf lending


Today, the Government response to the “Financial Systems Inquiry Report” (“FSI”) was released and its good news for SMSFs. The Government responded to all FSI’s 44 recommendations and did not agree with the recommendation to ban SMSF Loans. While highlighting concerns around SMSF Loans – the Government did not consider current data sufficient to ban…

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smsf mortgage form

SMSF Lending: Here To Stay

Late 2014, the “Financial Systems Inquiry Report” (“FSI”), provided 44 recommendations, one of which was a proposed “Ban on limited recourse borrowing arrangements” or SMSF Loans. This caused significant uncertainly for SMSF professionals and investors. Last week, there has been a major development with Assistant Treasurer Mr Josh Frydenberg gave the biggest indication that SMSF…

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man checking off items on his smsf checklist

SMSF Loans & Borrowing Checklist

Redwood Home Loans and Redwood Advisory SMSF Specialists will guide you through the SMSF Loans process from SMSF Set-up to settlement to ensure there are no surprises. After all – SMSFs are supposed to be fun. Below we describe the steps taken to ensure a smooth SMSF Loan process. 1. Your SMSF must be established…

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image of house with text refinance today


An SMSF can refinance an existing SMSF loan. This is beneficial for Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (“LRBA”) entered into many years ago where interest rates were higher with less SMSF lenders in the marketplace. Currently, SMSF lending is competitive with many if not all lenders offering a SMSF Loan product. After all, SMSFs is a…

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money being deposited into a house


To the knowledgeable SMSF investor, an offset account is a ‘must-have’, both inside and outside of super. An offset account is a valuable feature of a SMSF loan. This is due to the fact that SMSFs generally hold a reasonable proportion of cash within the SMSF, either for a ‘rainy day’ or thinking about your next…

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