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SMSFs Borrowing @ 0% Interest Rates From Related Persons

The ATO has recently issued two private binding rulings which broadly accepts that a SMSF can borrow from a related party at a 0% interest rate when investing in a geared fund asset – albeit a cautious approach should still be applied in my opinion. http://ato.gov.au/rba/content/?ffi=/misc/rba/content/1012414213139.htm http://ato.gov.au/rba/content/?ffi=/misc/rba/content/1012396819768.htm

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Redwood Advisory SMSF Specialists SMSF Borrowing to invest is not for everyone but it can accelerate the growth of your SMSF assets allowing you to maximise your investment returns and reach your retirement goals earlier. Borrowing in a SMSF is allowed subject to certain conditions, including; The borrowing is in the name of the SMSF…

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