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October 2013

SMSFs Borrowing @ 0% Interest Rates From Related Persons

The ATO has recently issued two private binding rulings which broadly accepts that a SMSF can borrow from a related party at a 0% interest rate when investing in a geared fund asset – albeit a cautious approach should still be applied in my opinion. http://ato.gov.au/rba/content/?ffi=/misc/rba/content/1012414213139.htm http://ato.gov.au/rba/content/?ffi=/misc/rba/content/1012396819768.htm

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Are SMSF Costs/ Expenses Deductible?

Like other taxpayer entities, a complying SMSF is entitled to deduct from its assessable income any losses or outgoings that are: • incurred in gaining or producing assessable income • necessarily incurred in carrying on a business for the purpose of gaining or producing such income. Expenses that a complying SMSF can deduct include: •…

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If you carry on an enterprise, you must register for GST if your GST turnover is $75,000 or more. However, most SMSFs do not have to register for GST because most SMSFs mainly make input-taxed supplies, which do not count towards your GST turnover. Input-taxed supplies include financial supplies and supplies of residential premises by…

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Constantly, our SMSF clients ask Redwood Advisory, what is better, a corporate or individual trustee structure for your SMSF. At Redwood Advisory, we recommend all funds are set-up with a corporate trustee structure for a fee of $900 (plus GST) including ASIC costs. There may be a set-up cost however, this will definitely pay off…

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There is significant discussion around the ‘minimum balance’ for a SMSF to be cost effective. It is a fact that there are running costs that go with having an SMSF. These include the cost of investing, accounting and auditing for your SMSF, which may or may not be much higher than what you are currently…

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SMSF Property Under The Microscope of The ATO

SMSF Property under the microscope of the ATO in the article below, highlights the importance of using specialist providers such as Redwood Advisory, who make SMSF borrowing investment in property easy http://www.afrsmartinvestor.com.au/p/howto/superannuation/watch_for_super_spruikers_ato_It9I0azT61kf75JKj0mJSK

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Redwood Advisory introduces our affiliate SMSF Property Capitals’s latest development ‘Park Avenue’

Redwood’s trusted business affiliate ‘SMSF Property Capital’ introduces their new ‘Park Avenue’ development at 66 The Avenue, Peregian Springs QLD, which is a perfect opportunity to invest in Australian property safely with no debt.     Occasionally we come across different products in the market, and after extensive due diligence, Redwood Advisory is happy to…

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SMSF Property Bubble?

By Ivan Filipovic – Director Redwood Advisory SMSF Specialists   Recently there has been significant press about self managed superannuation funds (“SMSF”) causing a property bubble. This was referenced by the Reserve Bank of Australia (“RBA”) delivering a warning in late September in relation to the risk of SMSFs pushing up property prices. Redwood Advisory’s…

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Redwood Advisory SMSF Specialists SMSF Borrowing to invest is not for everyone but it can accelerate the growth of your SMSF assets allowing you to maximise your investment returns and reach your retirement goals earlier. Borrowing in a SMSF is allowed subject to certain conditions, including; The borrowing is in the name of the SMSF…

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SMSF Property Investing: Create Your Own Destiny

Did you know that your SMSF balance can be used to borrow and invest in property? SMSF borrowing rules were revised to allow borrowing through your SMSF to invest in property, we would like to share with you some of the benefits of borrowing to invest in property through your SMSF. This article will focus…

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