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October 2013

Purchasing off-the-plan property through your SMSF

Did you know? Property investors can use limited recourse borrowing (LRBA) to fund off-the-plan investments using their self-managed super funds. Under this strategy, you can borrow to invest in property using your superannuation balance to purchase property off-the-plan. Developers can be up against it in selling properties off the plan and getting in at the…

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ECG Wealth – Redwood Advisory’s Trusted Partner

Redwood Advisory’s trusted Partner is ECG Wealth, Darrell Jolly – Operations Manager at ECG Wealth has explained NRAS in a nutshell in NRAS Short Read ver 2. The investor offers the property for rent 20% below market rent and the Government gives you a tax free grant of $10,350 per year (indexed) for 10 years.…

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Developing Land within a Self Managed Super Fund

Since 2007, a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has been allowed to borrow money to acquire an asset through a Limited Recourse Borrowing Agreement (“LRBA”). These borrowing arrangements have often been used to borrow to acquire property through your SMSF. This includes land with the intention of developing it. There are many advantages in relation to…

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