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Benefits of Financial Advice

Everyone has different goals in life. But whatever your goals, getting advice from a qualified financial adviser will help you articulate your plan and can help you achieve your goals – soon. It’s not just about planning for the future either. A financial adviser can help adjust your current situation as well as preparing you…

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Here are the steps BEFORE you set up an SMSF

One of the most important financial decisions is what to do with your hard earned superannuation and with 1.1 million Australians choosing a SMSF its certainly a buzz word for discussion for many particularly with the impact of covid during 2020 and 2021. Before you set up an SMSF, Redwood would like to outline some…

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Six member SMSFs

From 1 July 2021, self-managed super funds (SMSF) and small APRA funds (SAFs) will be able to have up to six members – increasing from the current maximum of four members. Treasury Laws Amendment (Self Managed Superannuation Funds) Bill 2020 received royal assent on 22 June 2021. It is not just a matter of adding…

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Contribution caps to rise from 1 July 2021

Some good news for SMSF members is that concessional and non concessional contribution (NCC) caps will increase from 1 July 2021. Indexation will result in an increase in the concessional cap from $25,000 to $27,500 and the NCC will increase to $110,000 per year with the ability to bring forward $330,000 in one year subject…

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LRBA borrowings by the bare trustee

For some time I have been working to find a better way to borrow in a Self Managed Superannuation Fund avoiding the penalty interest rates applied to SMSF Loans after the withdrawal of the Big 4 and Macquarie leaving non bank lenders to dominate the SMSF space. We were also of the belief that the…

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To provide our clients with a premium service and taking advantage of cloud technology, Redwood has proudly introduced DocuSign for our clients to: view, sign and return documents; in an easy, secure and efficient way!    What is DocuSign? DocuSign is an e-signature service provider that allows its customers to view and sign their documents…

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property depreciation schedule

Property Depreciation Schedule for SMSF

SMSF Property Investors – Don’t overlook the benefits of Property Depreciation Schedule The question of SMSF Depreciation comes up a lot with our clients. Redwood Advisory encourages clients to obtain a SMSF Property Depreciation Report to claim deductions where possible. Which expenses can I claim? SMSF Properties are entitled to claim depreciations when they complete their…

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trust me im a property spruiker


  Property Spruikers have been around for a long time, and are more prevalent now more than ever. With the growth of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF”), which control over one third of Australia’s almost $1.7 trillion Superannuation industry, SMSF Property Spruikers now have a new focus – mum and dad SMSF Investors. The rise…

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