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When can I access my super?

You have worked your bottom off for your adult life, hopefully built an awesome retirement nest egg and now wandering if its time to retire an drawdown on your Super. Unfortunately, the government has mandated when you can access your Super. Soits not as simple as just withdrawing from your SMSF, you must meet the…

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The “ins and outs” of SMSF Insurance

Many Australis donot pay attention to their insurance and hold the minimum super as provided by their employer sponsored funds. This can include automatic acceptance of options with no assessment of the personal situation of the individual and may or may not include life and TPD and income protection insurance. Many donot even know whether…

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Beginner’s guide to setting up a self-managed super fund

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF”) has become the vehicle of choice in recent years particularly for “mum and dad” investors who are using their SMSF to buy direct real estate. Further, due to the increasing amount of knowledge of investors and lower costs to set up and run an SMSF and the continued frustration with…

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Tips and Traps of SMSF Property Development

As a property focused accountant, one of the most common questions I receive is whether you can engage in property development using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”)  – the answer is yes you can! However you need to tread carefully to comply with Superannuation Law. Many of our clients have great experience with property…

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Super reform is here….

The Senate has passed the key Bill that will give effect to the debated super reforms which will have a key impact on SMSF’s. What does this mean for your SMSF? The proposed changes from the 2016 Federal Budget have been watered down, however, Treasurer Mr Scott Morrison has stated the changes are the most…

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taking a smsf loan? We have a smsf checklist to help you

30 JUNE 2016 Year End SMSF Strategy Checklist

The end of the financial year is fast approaching us, so now is the time to think about key strategies for your SMSF before 30 June 2016. There is still time! Self managed superannuation funds (“SMSF’s) are about strategy. There are many SMSF strategies available which can be utilised to boost your retirement savings as…

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PAYG is a system for making regular payments towards your expected annual income tax liability for your SMSF and is applied after your first annual return is lodged. Your payments during the year are based on the previous year’s tax payable, and any amount paid is credited against the next years tax payable. PAYG are…

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Buying a Property and establishing a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”) require a clear strategy to determine if a SMSF and property is right for you. Off the plan apartments can be attractive to many investors, however there is more to consider than the glossy brochure. Deciding on the right criteria for an SMSF investment…

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property depreciation schedule

Property Depreciation Schedule for SMSF

SMSF Property Investors – Don’t overlook the benefits of Property Depreciation Schedule The question of SMSF Depreciation comes up a lot with our clients. Redwood Advisory encourages clients to obtain a SMSF Property Depreciation Report to claim deductions where possible. Which expenses can I claim? SMSF Properties are entitled to claim depreciations when they complete their…

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crossed fingers -

Will SMSF Borrowing Be Banned?

Borrowing in superannuation was introduced in 2007, for the right reasons to allowing flexibility and control for Australians to build wealth and create financial freedom – in the long term to benefits the retirement of Australian. Mr David Murray has released the “Financial Systems Inquiry” (“FSI”), a 320-page report which provided 44 recommendations. We will…

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