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nras properties

Bye-Bye NRAS for SMSF Investors – The Government Acts….

There has been significant interest from Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”) investors in the national rental affordability scheme (“NRAS”), which is designed to encourage large-scale investment in affordable housing. The NRAS offers tax and cash incentives to providers of new dwellings on the condition that they are rented to low- and moderate-income households at 20%…

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clock is ticking for super stream

Is Your SMSF Ready For “Superstream”?

Employers will soon need to make super contributions to SMSF via SuperStream All funds, including SMSFs, need to be ready to receive the contributions as well as the associated data by electronic means that comply with the new standard Its important for all funds, SMSF trustees and employers to understand their obligations under this new…

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vacant carpark

Should I Use My Self Managed Super Fund To Invest In Carparks?

The power of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF”) has become more publicised of late, the Reserve Bank of Australia even attributing SMSF’s for a possible ‘property bubble’, after all, SMSFs are a $530 billion dollar industry- that’s a fair chunk of money. Recently, SMSFs have quietly influenced sales in another sector of the property market…

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partnership with bullion capital

Buying Gold with my SMSF

Many Australians consider using their SMSF to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver for security, diversification of investments and protection of wealth. There are several steps to buying gold through a SMSF. They are 1. Contact a SMSF Specialist advisor to set up your SMSF 2. Transfer (roll over) your money into…

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Can I Reimburse the SMSF for Expenses Paid Personally?

Short answer is “Yes”, you can, under certain conditions.   A short example will be used to explain the answer.   One of our clients called us in a state of panic recently, explaining how he had paid our SMSF administration fee with a personal credit card instead of paying from the SMSF. He contacted…

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What is the Contribution Cap for my Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)?

It is imperative for all members/ trustees to understand the concessional and non-concession contribution caps for an income year.   Concessional Contribution Cap   Concessional contributions include employer contribution and personal contributions claimed as a tax deduction by a self employed person.   For the 2013-14 income year the amount of concessional cap is $25,000.…

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There has been significant press around Self Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF”) and Australian Property investment recently. It is arguable that every bank is jumping on the SMSF Property bandwagon with every bank now marketing a SMSF loan product. Regardless of whether you choose to use a third-party loan, a related party loan, or a combination…

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Many self-managed superannuation fund (“SMSF”) investors who borrow through their SMSF (SMSF loan) ask the question of what constitutes a “single acquirable asset”. SMSFR 2012/1 released by the ATO provides 15 examples of what constitutes a single acquirable asset. Under limited recourse borrowing (“LRBA”) rules, SMSFs are required to enter a separate lending arrangement for…

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