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Tips and Traps of SMSF Property Development

As a property focused accountant, one of the most common questions I receive is whether you can engage in property development using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”)  – the answer is yes you can! However you need to tread carefully to comply with Superannuation Law. Many of our clients have great experience with property…

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$500,000 Lifetime Non Concessional Cap Has Been Scrapped

The Federal Government has made significant changes to its superannuation reforms. They have scrapped the controversial superannuation $500,000 lifetime non-concessional contribution cap and replaced it with an annual limit of $100,000. This is a backflip from the position of the Federal Government pre-election and is designed to win over the back bench and the Senate to…

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Insurance Premiums – Stepped vs Level – What’s The Difference?

When considering whether to take out life insurance, income protection or trauma insurance it is important to understand the differences between stepped or level premiums to determine which is the best option for you, both now and in the future. Put simply, insurance premiums generally increase the older you get, as the more likely you…

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WHAT IS BEST FOR MY SMSF? When deciding whether an SMSF is right for you, you’re faced with your first question – is an individual or corporate trustee structure right for your SMSF? When setting up an Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”), you must appoint either a two or more individuals or a company to…

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Reserving Strategy – Double Your Contributions and Save Tax?

Contributions reserves have become more commonplace in recent years as SMSF members have become more aware of the tax benefits of the strategy. Let’s learn how to implement this awesome strategy pre 30 June as time is running out to take advantage of this awesome strategy. Contribution reserves are “suspense” accounts which can be used…

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WITH INTEREST RATES AT RECORD LOWS AND THE BANKS COMPETING FOR YOUR LOAN, THE KEY QUESTION ON EVERYONE’S MIND – IS IT THE PERFECT TIME TO “FIX” THE RATE OR LEAVE YOUR RATE AT VARIABLE? During 2015, the Reserve Bank of Australia decreased the cash rate to 2% and maintained the rate for most of the year.…

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house vs apartment

Apartment v House – which is best?

Buying an investment property can be fun and challenging. You’ll need to work out what type of property is best for you. We explore key considerations to ensure success with your property investment. There is no right or wrong as to whether an apartment or house is best – it really depends on your personal…

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